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How to repair a tire pressure sensor


There are two kinds of tire pressure monitoring systems. Direct pressure monitoring systems are used in the United States quite often. Indirect systems are typically used in Europe. In most cases, when a tire pressure sensor malfunctions, it can be repaired by resetting it.

How To Reset The Sensor

The first step involves determining the kind of system that the car uses. If a vehicle uses a direct system, a technician will reset the senor by pressing the reset button, which can be found on the dash. To reset an indirect unit, a scanning tool or magnet must be used. Many technicians purchase these tools from specialized automotive stores. In some cases, the reset button may be found in the glove box. To reset this type of system, a technician must hold the button down for about three seconds while the ignition is still on.

Inflating the tires is the next step. All tires should be properly inflated because the technician must set the sensors to zero. If the tires don’t have enough air, they will not be calibrated correctly. As a result, all readings will be inaccurate.

If the sensor is powered by a battery, a mechanic will ensure that the battery is fully charged. Typically, a battery should be replaced every five years. Usually, when a battery is replaced, the entire sensor unit will be replaced too if the battery in housed inside of the sensor.

The transponders must be recalibrated during the repair process. There is a transponder in each wheel on the vehicle. When the wheels are rotated, the location of each responder changes. As a result, the tire pressure monitoring system must learn the new location. Because every system uses different techniques during the learning process, technician always read the manuals. According to industry experts, consumers should replace the valve stems whenever they buy new tires if valves are found in the tire pressure sensors.

When technicians reset the system with a magnet, they place the key in the ignition without starting the engine. Then, they press the buttons on the key fob. Once the key chirps, they hold a magnet over it until the horn chirps.

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