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"Manage multiple languages with only your English based GyrusLogic Platica application Expanding your self service application to other potential customers in their native language.  You only need to maintain your original user application in English, the product's 3.0 does the rest. - a GyrusLogic partner.

An application developed with GyrusLogic solutions are intuitive and conversational and puts customers at ease, whether the interactive communication takes place through a text chat session, web service or through a telephone conversation. Customers recognize right away that a GyrusLogic Self Service application understands what the user means, regardless of how the question or request may be phrased. The system answers are consistent and complete and return the answers in text and / or a clear audio. 

The ultimate result of a GyrusLogic application is a full conversational automated self-service system for multiple languages.  The application will be based upon the same normal conversation between any of your stakeholders and your organizationís representatives at a fraction of your current application development and operational costs.  GyrusLogic assists in a a phased, smooth transition from a directed dialog to full natural language application or augments your current interactive customer service application.

Business benefits.

GyrusLogic technology delivers what it promises: true natural language at an extremely low cost.  The user of  a GyrusLogic solution will get the following results:

  • Improved quality of self service with a full conversational system.

  • Multiple languages managed with one language based application.

  • Improved customer satisfaction. (no menus, shorter calls, correct and consistent answers)

  • First contact resolution with consistent answers.

  • Significantly improved call completion rate.

  • Assists live agents with an automated dialog.

  • Easier development, deployment and maintenance of application and dialog.

  • Boost in employee morale, since they only have to work on value added tasks.

Technical benefits.

The way the GyrusLogic solution has been designed makes it easier to develop, deploy and maintain the application.  Customer benchmarks demonstrate that the typical effort to develop a fully conversational application in GyrusLogics declarative programming paradigm, is less than 10% of the effort for developing an application in VoiceXML or other conventional programming tools.  


GyrusLogic application development is intuitive and based on standard languages (Java and XML).  Through a powerful API, integration with an existing IVR system, a VoiceXML browser and your enterprise database can be accomplished in just a few hours.  Furthermore, a GyrusLogic solution comes standard with features which are part of  a human conversation.  The following are some examples of the high level intelligence inherited in every GyrusLogic application and do not require any specific additional application development:

  • Understanding complex natural language sentences.

  • Improve recognition rates with the use of it's context and semantics understanding engine.  

  • Manage multiple languages with one business application in one language.

  • We find your business' answers automatically from your online enterprise data.

  • Prompt repeat function based upon users free text input.

  • Automatic learning of unknown words.

  • The user can make corrections on the fly in natural language.

  • The ability for users to interrupt the dialog with a non-related question or request.  The system will be keeping track of the dialog context and return to the original dialog, if needed.

  • The users can be spontaneous with any of their requests or questions.

  • Allowing users to be specific or vague, or state open ended questions.

For sample dialog specifics please check the reference pages dialogs and examples.

GyrusLogic technology has been developed over the last 10 years and interfaces with IVR's, CTI, VoiceXML (JSP), Automated Speech Recognition solutions (ASR), Short Message Services (SMS), Text Messaging, Multi-Modal and Web or Chat based interactive applications.  




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